Our Story

Keri and Patrick Wells

Keri Wells, with son Patrick

My son was a huge inspiration when I decided to open my store. He turned 18 and wanted to get a job. Even though he always has exceeded my expectations of what he would be able to accomplish, I thought where could he possibly get a job that would except his disability. So, I decided to pursue my dream of opening my own thrift store, and why not provide opportunity for individuals with disabilities to be employed.

The name “Under the Umbrella” was named from raising a son with Autism. I always heard “he falls under the spectrum umbrella” I realized later that makes sense, because each disability is labeled and falls somewhere under the umbrella of disabilities.

I thought a thrift store would not only meet the needs of the community, but introduce them to the disability world.

I have been in management most of my career life, and love being a mentor. Now, I can put my ambition into a fun work environment to create successful employees.

Keri Wells, Founder/Owner